Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL
         20th Edition (2016)
         AOAC 分析法マニュアル第20版(OMA20) 
           (May 2016)(ISBN:0-935584-87-0)(Editor: Dr. George Latimer, Jr.)
           (AOAC International((approx 3100 pages)(Hardcover in 2 Volumes)
         AOAC International (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) 発行の世界的に権威のある
           AOAC公認分析法をまとめたOMA(Official Methods of Analysis)の第20版が2016年5月に刊行
           であるOfficial Methods of Analysis of AOAC International は食品・薬品・飲料・農水産物 ・
         AOAC Announces the release of the new 20th Edition of the Official Methods of Analysis
           (OMA) the compendium of methods adopted byAOAC containing approximately 3000
           mrethods and considered the most authoritative volume in its field. The new edition
           reflects AOAC's standards development activities in areas such as food, infant fomula, .
           dietary supplements,. veterinary drug residues, and biothreat detection and features
           a number of First Action methods and Standard Method Performance Requirements
           The Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is an international source of
           methods, in which scientists worldwide contribute their expertise to standards development,.
           mehod development, and the systematic evaluation and review of methods, it is the most
           comprehensive collection of chenical and microbiologival methods available in the world,
           and many methods within the compendium have notation indicating their adoption as
           harmonized international reference methods by the International Organization for
           standardization(ISO), the international DairyFederation (IDF), the International Union
           of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), and the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
         New Materal in 20th Edition
           ●  59 Methods adopted as First Action
           ●  22 Methods adopted as Final Action
           ●  47 Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs(R))developed
                approved by AOAC stakeholder panels
           ●  12 Methods with major modification
           ●  6 Methods repealed
           ●  1 Appendis (ISPAM Guidelines for Validation of Qualitative Binary Chemistry Methods)

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