United States Pharmacopoeia 36 National Formulary 31
         2016年版 米国薬局方 USP 39-NF 34 
           (Author & Publisher: United States Pharmacopeial Convention)(Valid from 1st May 2016)
           (4 Volumes Main Edition in Boxed set + 2 Supplements)(Nov 2015)
         医薬品に関する品質規格書である薬局方のひとつ、「米国薬局方」 は、医薬品の効力、品質、
         The United States Pharmacopeis and National Formulary (USP-NF) recoginized by
           federal law as an official US compendia for drug standards provides access to monographs
           and tests needed to prodece quality pharmaceuticals, excipients, dietary supplements,
            biologics, and other therapeutics.
         The USP NF is an essential publication for anyone working in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology,
           dietary supplements medical devices and gases and vaterinary drugs and is also an important
           reference for pharmacies, libraries, universities, and schools of medicine and pharmacy.
         The USP39-NF34
           features more than 4900 monographs with official standards of identify strength, quality,
           purity, packaging, and labeling for substances and dosage forms. It also offers harmonized
           material and more than 300 General Chapters with current guidelines for the full range of
           laboratory tests and established processes for validating methods. The USP-NF serves as a
           clear, step-by-step guide for chemical, physical, biological, and microbiological tests,
           procedures, and acceptance criteria for manufacturing and quality control.

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