Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) 10th Edition (2016-2017)
         米国食品化学物質規格集(FCC) 第10版(2016-2017)   
         The reference for purity and quality standards for food ingredients
         (Published: U.S. Pharmacopeia/USA)
         (Print 2016 Main Edition & Supplement Issues)
         (Online 24-month subscription)
            1966年に初版が刊行されたFCC(Food Chemicals Codex)の改訂第10版が2016年3月に刊行
            試験法等をモノグラフにまとめたデータ集です。 食品と食品添加物の製造、研究開発、品質管
            第5版まではNational Institute of Medicineの編集により米国化学アカデミー(National Academy
            of Science) が発行しておりましたが、第6版より米国薬局方(USP-NF)の編集・発行元であるUPS
            The Food Chemicals Codex(FCC) is a compendium of internationally
            recognized standards for determining the purity and quality of food ingredients.
            ,It is a value resource for authenticating a wide variety of integredients, includinh
            processing aids preservatives, flavorings colorants, and nutrients.
            The FCC is revised and updated through an open collaborative revision process
            involving industry, goverment and the public.
FCC 10 Features:
・More than 45 additional monographs including 8 probiotic monographs
・9 new general tests and assays
・17 appendices, including microbial food cultures
・includes pomegranate juice identity standard
PLUS:2 International Food Additive Council QA documents
  on, food additives and GRAS substances, and USP's new Food Fraud
  Nitigation Guidance

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